Welcome! This is the beginning of "Make me imaginary"; a blog about year long crafting. I'm a University art student who loves the holidays, and loves to make things. I dabble mostly in sewing and sculpture, but I do experiment with other mediums from time to time. My main focus with this blog is to share my holiday projects, my decor tips, and crafting techniques. My absolute favorite holiday is Halloween! Otherwise known as Samhain. You will definitely see a variety of spooky themed crafts on this blog, even if it isn't that time of year!

    Speaking of Samhain, my work will not always focus on mainstream holidays. I am not Wiccan, however it's the only religion I feel closely connected to, so I tend to share in Wiccan festivities. Ever so often you may see a pagan craft or two. I look forward to sharing my projects with you!
I hope to include a tutorial page, and perhaps spotlight some other crafter blogs that I feel are worth a look at. Perhaps yours could be one of them! I look forward to sharing my crafts and other projects with you.

Pleasant crafting!

-Little Miss Phantasm