DIY Spider Shoes

  This is my first tutorial for the blog, and how befitting as I simply adore the crap out of it. I have a "thing" for spiders. I know that this is not exactly a shared trait, as many individuals are terrified of them. I once was afraid of spiders too, mind you. I used to run away screaming from them. It changed when I adopted a tarantula, whose fragility, and nervous disposition won my heart. I haven't had a tarantula in a very long time, but the adoration for spiders resonates throughout my life. Naturally, when presented with a very dull pair of flats, I was inclined to embellish them in some way or another, and spiders seemed to be an appropriate selection. 

    I have created a step by step tutorial for you to make spider shoes, which is fairly straight forward. All you require is some basic sewing skills, the patience to get the job done, and the right tools to do it.  Follow the steps below....

   Thread and needle
   Seam ripper
   Ribbon or lace - I chose to layer both materials to create a bow, you may wish to only use either, or.
   FrayCheck - If you are using satin ribbon, or a material that is prone to fraying, then this product is vital. It will keep your material from unraveling.
   Crafter's glue gun (and glue sticks)
   One pair of flats in your choice of colour. Keep in mind if you choose to use faux leather, leather, or flats of a harder material the process may be slightly more difficult, and incur a considerable amount of damage if you are not skilled at sewing. For this project I used a cheap pair of jersey knit flats, a material that is very forgiving to accidental punctures.
   Embellishments of your choice. I used spiders! 

*** You may also require an iron, but this is only if you see fit. ***


Step One

First you will want to seam rip whatever you don't want on your shoes. For me it's these blah little bows. I decided I'd rather keep them and make them into hair accessories. You can skip this step if you have nothing to seam rip.

Step Two

This step is where you will determine the exact size of your bow, and whether or not you like the look of it. It's best to make final design decisions here, so get second opinions if you need them!

***Tip: I held my ribbon in place with a bobby pin.

Step Three

Now that you have determined the size of your bow you will measure and cut two (four, if you're doubling up like me) pieces of ribbon. They should be long enough to fold the ends behind the ribbon, and not be seen. Please refer to Step Five if you are unsure of what I mean. Cut two additional pieces that are roughly a third of your bow ribbon.

Step Four

Now you will apply the FrayCheck to the ribbon edges. Follow the instructions on the packaging; it could take between fifteen and thirty minutes drying time. Skip this step if it does not apply to you.

Step Five

In this step you will take your ribbon and fold each end inwards so that they overlap at the back. This hides the edges so we do not see them in the final product.

Step Six

Thread your needle. Take one of your "bows" and pinch the newly folded ribbon in the center. Stitch loosely down the center (picking up each layer of ribbon). Gather this stitch as shown. Do this for each bow.

Step Seven

This step only applies if you are doubling up like me. Thread your needle once more and pick up your smaller bow pieces. Stay stitch them down the very edge of each side. This will prevent slipping when you apply them to your bows in Step Nine.

Step Eight

Take the each smaller piece separately, and fold the edges so that they overlap in the middle as shown. You can iron the ribbon to ensure it stays folded. It should form a thin tube-like piece.This will act as the center of your bow which we will wrap around the gathered pieces from Step Six.

Step Nine

Take the tube you created in the previous step and using a small dab of glue affix it to the back of a gathered bow. Then wrap it around the bow once, gluing and securing the piece at the back, creating the look of a "knot". Cut away any excess.

Step Ten

You should now have two prepared bows that you can sew onto your flats! I slip-stitched my bows onto my shoe, you may wish to use a different method. I encourage you to use whatever you are most comfortable with!

Step Eleven
You may wish to further embellish your shoes, like I have. I used these fabulous sew-in spiders. You may consider using sew on crystals, craft jewels, pendants, or even adding glitter!

    I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful! I admit it's probably not the best, as I'm a bit rusty in my teaching skills. It's so much easier explaining things in person. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Also, if you'd like to share your own embellished flats, I'd be ecstatic to see them : )

Pleasant crafting,
-Little Miss Phantasm



Ti said...

It looks so pretty :) Very nice

gift.raum said... cute,i love the spiders on the bow

Little Miss Phantasm said...

Thank you X) Spiders are such darling things.

Audronasha The Countess said...

Oh, it's simple and lovely. There is so many stuff you can make look more beautiful and extraordinary. I just love DIY :)

Little Miss Phantasm said...

Thank you :)
I"m a DIY addict!