Autumn is quickly approaching. Remember what that means? Cooler weather, shorter days, and the damp pervading odor of decaying leaves. Rich with natural earthly scents, fall is an immersive season that warms the soul. With an abundance of vivid and startling colours, one cannot help but be lost in the ephemeral beauty of autumn foliage. Welcome the season into your home with these charming and creative crafts.

 Fabric Leaf Garland (Uppermost top left)
Kirigami Leaf Decorations (Center, left)
Felt Appliqué Pillow (Center, right)
Crow Window Clings (Bottom, left)
Harvested Twig Candle Holders (Bottom, right)

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Best wishes,
-Little Miss Phantasm


Time Off

    I've been meaning to post more on this blog, but I haven't had the time. That's not to say I'm not attending to my craft projects, I have, but documenting them has not been as easy. For one, my personal computer is now broken >.< so I won't be posting anywhere frequently until I get a new one. I've also had a lot of work to do, and just recently I've injured myself. It's recommended that I take some much needed time off, which I welcome with open arms. I've been wanting to make more of my summer; I never really feel like I do. It's such a short season, I've already seen red leaves popping out here and there. I adore fall, but summertime is ultimately my favorite season. I love the warmth of the sun on my skin, to the see the woods full of life, and the feeling of freedom that accompanies the season. Now that August is here (and almost over) I feel the onset of a cool, and busy autumn; the time of year when I seldom get a moment of rest, and am overloaded with work.

    I sincerely hope that any who read this have made the most of their vacation time. Rest is always important, and well deserved. I look forward to sharing more on this blog, including more autumn and Halloween themed projects as the season approaches. Check out my Pinterest for fantastic projects from other crafters as well as Martha Stewart, BHG, and Country Living. I hope to add a collection of personal favorites to my tutorial page here, so check back soon for more updates.

Best wishes,
-Little Miss Phantasm