Autumn is quickly approaching. Remember what that means? Cooler weather, shorter days, and the damp pervading odor of decaying leaves. Rich with natural earthly scents, fall is an immersive season that warms the soul. With an abundance of vivid and startling colours, one cannot help but be lost in the ephemeral beauty of autumn foliage. Welcome the season into your home with these charming and creative crafts.

 Fabric Leaf Garland (Uppermost top left)
Kirigami Leaf Decorations (Center, left)
Felt Appliqué Pillow (Center, right)
Crow Window Clings (Bottom, left)
Harvested Twig Candle Holders (Bottom, right)

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Best wishes,
-Little Miss Phantasm



Knock Knock Street said...

My favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather but not whats coming after. Love the crow window clings!

Little Miss Phantasm said...

Hello X)
The crow window clings are a favorite of mine as well! I love crows, ravens, magpies; anything of the corvid family. And I completely agree, winter is truly a dreadful season, unless you live in a warmer climate. That's why I like to occupy myself with sewing and crafting during that time, it helps take my mind off of things.