Warm Winter

     Winter frost embraces the windowpanes. The air is like a vicious creature; it snaps at our lips, leaving its traces on our every breath. The songbirds have been swept away with warmer winds. For as long as I can remember winter has always been a dreary and oppressive time for me. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, and often times in the darker months I can be found basking beneath a special light. I cannot whole heatedly state that the light has helped much in the past, but I have found other comforts that take the bitter edge out of the winter woes. It is helpful to surround oneself with simple pleasures, whether it's a frothy cup of hot chocolate, or the soothing glow of candlelight. The projects I have included today exude both elegance and comfort while maintaining a holiday influence. I hope you find them helpful in your quest to keep warm this winter.

Silver Beads Sparkling in Candlelight (Uppermost top left)
Lacy Luminarias (Center, right)
Season's Greetings Wreath (Center, leftt)
Glittering Landscape Art (Bottom, left)
Cookie House Mug Garnish (Bottom, right)

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Best wishes,
-Little Miss Phantasm