Spring Flowers

     Sweet lovers love the spring. The sun is shining brighter and it's lifting my spirits high. I feel the onset of a welcoming, warm spring. Mind you, if you checked the forecast you would call me a fool. Temperatures are seasonal for the moment, but I don't believe I'll be getting much snow. Frost will recede to the north, and once again southerly warmth will grace my garden. I fret that my darling tulips won't bloom. Two falls ago I had planted a couple of tulip bulbs. I covered my garden with wire mesh to keep the squirrels from attacking my bulbs, but sadly I couldn't fight off the frost. Temperatures would fluctuate from spring time warmth, to bitter winter chills, and then back up again. Well, this year is no different from the last, it was only a few days ago that I contemplated wearing a dress outside. I wouldn't chance it now, what with it hovering around the freezing mark. I noticed my tulips were beginning to sprout when it reached fourteen degrees celsius, and I attempted to cover them up to protect them. Only time will tell if they make it through, alongside my beloved daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths. Last year many of my flowers succumbed to the damages of a winter that refused to die quietly. I've decided to start spring decorating early; I'm awfully sick of the winter blues. Here are some DIY projects that could add a little springtime fun into your home!

Storage Makeover (Uppermost top right) - Storage boxes are decoupaged using craft paper. Source: Martha Stewart.
Tinted Mason Jars (Bottom, right)
Chevron Art (Center, left)
Button Lampshades (Bottom, left)
Spring Vase (Top, left)

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Best wishes,
-Little Miss Phantasm