If it's Christmas in July...

   Then let's say Halloween is in June, because in my books Halloween comes first. And quite befittingly, I've been getting the Halloween decorating itch. I have this strong desire to be with bats, crafting vintage papier-mâché ornaments, and listening to Danny Elfman. I haven't done much crafting since this blog began, or at least nothing I've been willing to document and post. I have amassed a collection of tutorials from other sources on Pinterest, and many of which I will be making for myself some day, but I maintain a strong desire to contribute my work to the crafting world. Alas, all in good time.

    I have just finished a large chapter in my life, and I hope to be continuing into positive times. I'm looking to do a lot of home decorating projects, but it all rests on my financial situation. I also have a lot to do as far as work is concerned. Currently I'm refurbishing two vintage lamps. To my distress, it would have been cheaper to buy them already fixed and rewired from an antique shop. There are some bonuses to doing it myself; it's a learning experience, and it's also easier to paint metal after it has been corroded and sanded down. My advice to you: don't pick up old, broken, unwired lamps on impulse. Some home decorating projects are great, while others are a waste of time and effort, so always look around first before you get wrapped up in your imagination. My vision for these lamps does justify the costs. I can't run out and buy what I have in mind, so I don't feel as guilty about it.
   I know I will have some free time in my upcoming weeks, and aside from sewing (which you will find on my other blog PhantasmicFashions), I hope to complete some small craft projects. Preferably Halloween themed craft projects as I like to do these ahead of time. I prefer to craft using papier-mâché or decoupage, which is great, but the weather has been rather unreliable for that work. I like to put my things out to dry in the sun, yet it's been awfully windy, and sometimes too humid or too cold. We've experienced a twenty degree drop more than three times, and my poor flowers have been threatened with frost. It's truly been a confusing beginning to what would normally be summer. I prefer my summer weather warm, so hopefully things will improve! Now that my computer is back to being fully operational and I have the internet again, I should be able to share a lot more ^-^ I look forward to writing my next post.
Best wishes,