The Grandin Road Boycott - Kings of Overpriced Unoriginality

It's that time of year once more, the time we've all been greatly anticipating. Sorry, I shouldn't assume we all love Halloween, but I sure do, and if you're following this blog you should at least be aware, by now, of my infatuation with the holiday. It's August, and now is the time that Gemmy reveals it's latest products, the Dollar Tree lines it's shelves with plastic treasures, Michaels Arts & Crafts unloads it's amazing, yet terribly overpriced Halloween goods, and Grandin Road unleashes a crazy three-minute long Youtube promotional video of their 2013 Halloween catalog.

After taking a class about IT and marketing, I understand the value of social networking. The time and effort Grandin's marketing team put into making this video is remarkable. They wanted to pack a punch this year, and although I believe it could have been two minutes shorter (focusing on the dining scene alone), I feel it certainly has accomplished its goal. It accosts you with CG effects, hoards of product, and edgy industrial like music. It is visually enticing. But what does Grandin Road really have to offer us, the eager consumer?