Oh Christmas Tree ♪

I'm back to write a quick little post while I kill some time. My Halloween was a dreadful night. Sad, but true. I managed to finish my costume in time for the day, which is honestly the first time I can say that. I will post pictures of it at a later time. Although I looked cute, it just didn't feel like Halloween. It was stormy, which seems like something spooky, but really it just pissed down rain and made it so kids hardly went out. It rained, and rained, and rained. The next day was warm and dry, however. Go figure. Hopefully I can either make up for it on my birthday, by having a crazy spooky party, or have a better Halloween next year. Most likely next year, though. I lack the funds for a party, and no one would come >.< so instead I'll eat ice cream and sushi.

With the month of November slowly dwindling by, I realize Christmas is yet again upon us. I'm attempting to make gifts for people as opposed to purchasing them, but time constraints might be against me. I'm not a fast knitter, probably because I'm still an amateur. I'm trying fair isle knitting for the first time and I'm not sure how I feel about its results. This year I won't be able to use my tall white tree. I bought a used Martha Stewart tree at a thrift store for $10. You read that correctly, only ten bucks. It's in pretty much immaculate condition, with the exception of one branch which has become un-soldered from the metal frame. I think it was used in a commercial space, because it still had it's tags on it, but it came with all these decorations. Maybe using the same white tree at an office party eventually gets dull? It's a beautiful tree. I love white trees, and pink trees, and silver trees. I like weird trees. I remember seeing Charlie Brown's Christmas special, where they go to pick a tree, and there's all these crazy coloured trees that they walk past. I remember screaming "GET THE PINK ONE!" but they buy that crappy green thingy. I would certainly say it was a childhood dream of mine to have a coloured tree. I used to want pink, but have never seen a nice pink tree for the life of me. They're always either burn your eyes out Barbie pink, or dusty rose like this little two foot tree my mother has. I wanted an ice pink tree, something pastel and soft. Not harsh or dingy. So I settled for a cream coloured tree. It has an opal sheen, and glitters so much when we put on the lights. We have both white lights, and coloured lights for the tree. I prefer the white, but the colour shakes things up. For its first year of use, I decorated it in red, indigo blue, and chartreuse green ornaments. There were a handful of owls thrown onto it. The second year I added some hot pink glass ornaments to the collection, and it gave it a real retro look. I was hoping I'd be able to set it up this year and try a nature theme, with owls, and golds and glittered pine cones. But my living situation is not so good. So this year I have my tiny silver holographic tree, which is decorated in blue. It's cute and makes me happy, at least.

White trees are pretty!!

Whenever I go for a walk I see trees through the windows of homes. It's interesting. It allows you to see how differently everyone decorates. I usually like most any style of decorating, with the exception of a few things, like over decorating a tree...

They just look sloppy to me. 0.0 There must be a rule for tree decorating that says the tree should still be showing. Like a ratio of tree to ornaments. Other than that, I'm down with most trees. I like golds, and rainbows, and jewel tones. I like chocolate and copper coloured ornaments. I love tartan! There should be a tartan tree. ^-^ I really like the idea of using a smaller tree and putting it up on a table. It's really adorable looking, but it also allows more space. Sort of like my little tree. I don't think size matters that much when it comes to Christmas trees. It's always shown that way in Christmas specials, where the family searches for the biggest, fullest tree they can find. For me it's not a Christmas tree if it doesn't twinkle. My tree has to at least have lights, glitter, or tinsel. Maybe I'll get to make some decorations this year, to give away as presents or prepare for next year. I'll have to wait and see. For now I'm fixing up four paintings and submitting them to an art sale! So hopefully that will be a success. If you have a Christmas project, I'd love to see it! I've been collecting so many inspiring projects in my spare time. It's really exciting!
Wishing you all the best,