About mmi

What is the goal of "Make me imaginary"?
   The main purpose of this blog is to showcase my artistic pieces as well as inspire other crafters. I want to share my decorating ideas, craft techniques, and share tips to make holidays, and life in general, more enjoyable. I also intend to do so in a thrifty manner; nothing overly expensive or too difficult. I also love to sew so that will make it's way into the blog somewhere too!

Who are you?
    I'm a University student earning a BA in fine arts. I excel in sketching and digital artwork, although I experiment with various media. My hobby is sewing. I primarily sew clothing, but occasionally I create hand-sewn crafts. I also enjoy making my own jewelry, and accessories. I love the holidays, especially Halloween. I also have an absolute adoration for the strange and unique! My wardrobe is dominated by this passion, and I can get a little spend crazy at times. I often dream of having a bigger closet. ♥ Another passion for me is things that are cute, like kittens, or cute plush toys; I can never get enough of them!

How can I contact you?
   Unfortunately a feedback form is not available from this host, for now you may contact me through this email.